• Sinai School provides lessons, instructions and rentals for beginner and professionals in windsurfing and sailing. Our instructors are trained to provide you with the top quality teaching methods and techniques...

1- WINDSURFING COURSES : Windsurfing has never been easier to learn than now with the new boards and lighter rigs      no matter what your age and weight? Getting A Good Start In Windsurfing Is Essential To Your Success .A successful first day             depends on correct Equipment and suitable weather conditions. Learning to Windsurf is alot easier if someone shows you how.
                 BEGINNER COURSE ( 3 DAYS 6 HRS – 5 DAYS 10 HRS)
                     INTERMEDIATE COURSE (3 DAYS 8 HRS)
                         PRIVATE LESSONS (1 DAY 2-4 HRS) ( 2 DAYS 4-8 HRS)

                       1- SAILING COURSES :SINAI SAILING SCHOOL Offer a complete range of Sailing Lesson. Our Instructor                                 will take you in one of our Sailing Boats ( CATMARAN –LASER- TRIDENT 16 ) and sail in The Blue Warm Water                                  Of SHARM EL SHEIKH.
                                  BEGINNER COURSE ( 3 DAYS 6HR )
                                  INTERMEDIATE SAILING COURSE (3 DAYS 6 HRS) (5 DAYS 10 HRS)
                                PRIVATE SAILING LESSONS (1 DAY 3 HRS) (3 DAYS 6 HRS)